2014 Solutions Theater Speaker Schedule

 Booth #543

Monday May 18

9:30 AM  
“Leaning” Your Company
Presented by: Tom Glassman, Wilen Direct

10:00 AM
Driving Online Campaigns with Direct Mail
Presented by: Dave Lewis, Snailworks

10:30 AM
It’s the 90th Anniversary of the Swing Arm
Presented by: Dave Loos, MCS

1:00 PM
USPS Introducing New Stamp
Presented by: The United States Postal Service

1:30 PM
Leveraging the NCSC RIBBS® Web Site – Understanding What’s Available to You
Presented by: Ed Wanta, United States Postal Service

Tuesday May 19

9:30 AM    
Mail Tracking and Reporting: Value of the information to the industry
Presented by: Mark Rheaume, AccuZIP

10:00 AM    
USPS 2015 Pricing – The In’s and Out’s
Presented by: Jessica Lowrance, PostCom

10:30 AM    
Five Gems Hiding in Your Customers Data
Presented by: Chris Lien, BCC

1:00 PM    
Mailing Services Growth Through Acquisition – Will the Clients Stay?
Presented by:Mike Philie, Epicomm

Wednesday, May 20

9:00 AM        
Understanding the Role of MTAC
Presented by: Stevel Colella, Calmark

9:30 AM  
Oop$, Goof$ & Flub$….$mall Mi$take$ can Co$t Big Buck$”
Presented by: George Heinrich, The Postal Professor

10:00 AM  
FSS Preparation: Pricing and incentive changes, plus more changes coming in 2016
Presented by: Bob Schimek, Satori Software

10:30 AM    
Informed Visibility – What is it?
Presented by: Angelo Anagnostopoulos, GrayHair Softrware, Inc.

11:00 AM    
Last-minute Postal Update
Presented by: Leo Raymond, Epicomm

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