A First Step in Preparing for Recovery: Review Your Performance During the Recession

By Andrew Paparozzi
In February 1, 2010

In our increasingly competitive, complex industry, we now either prepare for recovery or get left behind. A good way to begin our preparation is with a candid, sober review of how we performed during the recession.

The table below can help. Results are for NAPL Performance Indicators participants during the six months ending in June 2009, when the recession was at its deepest, and the same period a year earlier. Not surprisingly, all but one indicator shows significant deterioration.

But as NAPL has long emphasized, leaders—and Performance Indicators is about leaders and companies determined to become leaders, not the industry at large—aren’t immune to recession. They get hit hard, too. The difference: Even at recession’s deepest point, when most are hunkering down, cutting, freezing, and hoping the economy turns up soon, leaders are still thinking about getting more productive, more competitive, and more valuable to their clients. And while others are distracted by uncertainty, confusion, and fear recessions create, leaders are taking the actions that will help them widen their lead substantially as recovery progresses. (See “Who is a Leader?”)

How do your results compare with the Performance Indicators results? Where were they strongest? Weakest? Where can you build on strengths? Where will you most need to improve to participate fully in the recovery ahead? Those are the kinds of questions Performance Indicators participants—many of whom, as we will see in future posts, are already coming out of recession—are asking right now.

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Andrew Paparozzi

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