A 'Teaching/Learning' Opportunity

By Dawn Lospaluto
In November 9, 2011

I had the pleasure to speak the other day with a young print salesperson who told me that she viewed every customer interaction as a “teaching/learning” opportunity, especially since most of the print buyers she encountered seemed to know very little about printing.

She said that she was glad to suggest to them small changes in how they produced their work that might save them some dollars or some headaches down the line. And she noted how appreciative her clients were whenever she did so.

Very few of us come to a job knowing everything about the work we’re asked to do. Even if we’ve had formal training in the field, we may not be aware of some of the practical applications or the specific approaches a particular company favors—or even the one-off workarounds that may have become standard operating procedure at a business.

When we think of how many on-the-job lessons we have learned throughout our careers, we realize how lucky we were that there were people who were willing to take the time and effort to teach us—often sparing us from the painful trail-and-error lessons we would have faced otherwise. And we remember who those people were.

Don’t miss the opportunity to teach or to learn, in part because you may find that someone you instruct today will soon be showing you how to handle something that’s in their specialty tomorrow. But, most of all, because taking a few extra minutes out of your day to help someone understand not just what should be done, but why it should be done, will go a long way to creating a long-term connection, whether it is with a co-worker or a client. And they won’t forget who you are either.

Dawn Lospaluto

Epicomm Senior Director of Communications, Dawn has been the editor of Epicomm 's "Bottom Line" magazine and its predecessor publications, "NAPL Business Review," Printing Manager," and "The Journal of Graphic Communications Management," for 20 years. She also writes and edits several Epicomm member print and electronic newsletters, including [Re]View, Management Bulletin, Highlights, and Discover; press releases; and various marketing materials; and oversees Epicomm 's book publishing program. Dawn previously served as corporate managing editor for Allied (now Honeywell) Corporation and as a reporter and editor for New Jersey's largest evening newspaper. She is a graduate of Douglass College (Rutgers University) and holds an M.A. degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she has served on the adjunct faculty.

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