Epicomm Achievement Awards

Most, if not all, professional trade associations honor its individual members in some way; Epicomm honors and recognizes its involved individual members through Personal Achievement Awards. These awards are given to individuals to recognize their contributions to the industry and are presented in five categories:

Miles Kimball Award
This award is given in the name of Miles Kimball, who died at the age of 43 in 1949. Mr. Kimball left a great mark on the direct mail industry in his short life. At the time of his death he was considered to be one of the leading proponents of direct mail advertising as a profession.He was founder of the Wisconsin mail order business that still bears his name and was president of the association in 1948. Miles Kimball was noted for his excellent character, his generosity, good humor, and his kindness and understanding for people in all walks of life. Throughout the years, the Miles Kimball Award has been considered the highest honor of the mail advertising industry. It is given by Epicomm to that person outside of the association who has made the greatest contribution to the advancement of the direct mail industry.

Leo G. ‘Bill’ Bernheimer Award
Established in 1963, this award was first named in honor of Jeanette Robinson Hinderstein who served as the association’s fi rst full-time executive secretary for 25 years. In 1976, after his untimely death, the award was renamed in honor of Leo G. “Bill” Bernheimer who was then serving as president.Mr. Bernheimer was a very successful businessman and had been a member for many years. He attributed most of his success to what he learned from other members of the association. Toward the end of his life, there wasn’t a lot left for him to learn, so he turned to teaching the industry’s younger generation.

His dedication to the organization was total. The Bernheimer Award is the highest honor Epicomm can bestow on one of its own members. It is given for exceptional dedication and service to the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association.

Robert M. Huse Chapter Achievement Award
This award is given in the name of Robert M. Huse, who served as Epicomm’s president between 1964-1988.Huse served the association with great dedication and initiative and brought the association from a troubled state to one of vibrancy, activity, and great value to the industry and the postal community.

This Award, created in 1995, recognizes an outstanding contribution by an Epicomm member in support of a chapter of the association.

L.U. ‘Luke’ Kaiser Educational Award
This award is given in the name of Luke Kaiser, a true industry pioneer, who founded the Premier Company, Houston, Texas. Mr. Kaiser was a great believer in the value of education as evidenced by his membership in 12 industry trade associations.The Kaiser award, established in 1978, is given to that person in Epicomm who has contributed the most to the advancement of betterment of education pertaining to our industry. It may also be given to a student who attended one of Epicomm’s technical training seminars, and, as a consequence, exhibits a high degree of competence.

Vendor Support Award
Based on financial and educational support, as well as participation in communications channels (community site, speaking engagements, Bottom Line) offered to the association and the industry.