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Mike Philie is a Senior Vice President and leads the Business Advisory Group of Epicomm, a not-for-profit business management association representing progressive companies in the graphic communications industry. Mike has more than 28 years of graphic communications experience in the areas of sales, sales management, and executive leadership. He has served as a president of a commercial printing company and held senior level sales management roles.

Mike’s expertise includes strategic sales growth through both organic sales and mergers and acquisitions.  He leads interdisciplinary teams through the transition necessary for profitable growth within a changing, dynamic marketplace.  He works with client teams on sales leadership optimization, sales plan development, sales compensation strategy, and mergers and acquisition strategy, cultural fit, and post-closing integration advisory services. His experience and judgment are highly regarded as an executive-level sounding board resource.

Mike works with business owners, senior leadership, sales managers, and sales reps who are not satisfied with the status quo and are looking for guidance in altering the trajectory of their results.  Using his hands-on experience, Mike can assess a situation quickly to develop and implement a plan that is tailored specifically for each client.

Mike is a regular presenter at industry conferences and trade shows and has served on the faculty of Epicomm’s Management Institute.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Printing Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Mike’s Skills:

  • Change Management Strategy and Planning
  • Interim C-level Management
  • Sales Management and Growth Strategies
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Sales and Executive Coaching
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Post-Merger Planning & Communications

What Mike’s Clients Are Saying:

Thank you sincerely for the insights and especially for showing the 18 minute Simon Sinek Ted Talk.

While we are all interested to hear your specific assessments for InTech… I thought what you had to say in our group session was the stuff true leadership is made of.  Simon’s ideas, which echo the ideas of some of history’s great leaders, are dangerous and powerful.

Shared belief in an idea means someone has to have an idea worth believing in.  Growth for growth’s sake, or increased earnings for share holders is not a very powerful shared belief.

I’ve been fighting with an idea for about 18 months that your talk helped solidify.  At any rate, I’m all-in with the concept that people buy because they identify with your beliefs.  They can buy most products or services from a wide array of capable vendors — they become loyal only to a vendor they “believe” in.

Thanks again for your participation in the assessment and for sharing a piece of yourself.

–John Iacovino, NPD / Innovation at InTech IMS

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