Associate Consultant


Tom Bush is an Associate Consultant with Epicomm’s Business Advisory Group.

Tom has 25 years of direct marketing, mail industry experience, with 17 years as owner of a direct mail, print, fulfillment & data management company.  In all, Tom has been owner or partner in 5 business ventures spanning nearly 40 years of business entrepreneurship.  He has held roles as president or senior vice president of business operations and CEO.

With 39 years of business ownership and leadership experience, Tom knows why and how companies succeed or fail.  He intimately understands business challenges, family dynamics, talent needs and leadership strategy.  Tom concentrates on improving people, process and performance.

Tom works closely with owners or team leaders on challenges, including operations, process and workflow chokepoints, talent acquisition / employee retention, marketing and sales change, team evaluations, coaching client service teams on relationship selling and fixing a host of daily problems that owners face.

In the current industry environment, Tom works with owners and sales staff, examining and developing a “business transformation” process for progressive movement into cross media – marketing services.  He knows this well – taking his small lettershop and growing it by 550% over 17 years, adding critical services and building alliances with key partners.

Tom is a certified Harrison Assessment Consultant, using behavior traits assessment technology to identify, attract, evaluate, hire and retain top talent for key positions or critical job needs.  He has worked with clients to find the right fit or made changes within organizations to improve employee job performance and reduce turnover.  Tom has been instrumental in advising and shaping key hires and restructuring managerial staffs within organizations.

Tom has written articles for industry publications regarding business enhancement processes, business transformation tactics and sales / marketing strategies.  He has presented and moderated sessions at previous MFSA and AMSP conferences on a variety of subjects.