Be the Go-To Resource

By Epicomm
In October 14, 2015

Being a go-to resource doesn’t mean only responding to your client’s inquiries and emails the quickest. It’s much more than that. It’s anticipating what they should be thinking about and being proactive at getting your ideas out in front of them. For example, when was the last time you brought a new idea or concept, unsolicited, to an existing “good” client? That’s what I thought.

As a business owner or someone in a sales leadership role, you need to show the sales team how to do this and then hold them accountable for bringing new ideas to the table every month. It’s as if once they become a client we stop working proactively and become strictly reactive to their needs. That’s just not good enough in today’s marketplace.

As I wrote in a March 2013 blog, the problem might be in the approach, the plan, the content and probably the perceived value that the rep, and by default, your company is bringing to either a prospect or client. If they don’t think you can help, you don’t stand a chance. If you can demonstrate that you can help, are resourceful, proactive, creative, understand their business and how your print and print related services actually can impact their business, then you might get an audience.

You should move towards being more client-centric in your thoughts, recommendations and behaviors. Move off of the equipment, quality and service pitch and start having relevant discussions about the challenges your clients are facing. It could be how to reduce the down time on the labeling equipment by the way you pack your labels, all the way to upping their response rates on the next appeal letter. Be the go-to resource that helps your client or prospect be more successful through the use of your services.

What have you done to enhance your go-to resource status with your clients? I’d like to hear what’s working for you. You can comment here or reach out to me at or (201) 523-6302.

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