By Tom Cobery
    In November 22, 2016
    Most owners of a business are guessing at its value to an outside buyer. They may have an idea or can guess at it, or more specifically, they know what they want for the sale of their business. Unfortunately, very often, what they want does not relate to what the business is worth. Owners should have a valuation of their business completed every three to four years—more often if they are contemplating a sale...
  • Sustainable Sales Growth

    By Mike Philie
    In November 1, 2016
    Here’s where we are. Yes, it’s the 4th quarter, the time when most graphic communications companies are doing very well, and are making hay – a technical term. Most of you are reaping the rewards of the hard work your team has done over this past year and prior years. If you aren’t, maybe you should take a hard look at your business building process. More on this in my next post. As you...
  • Exclusivity With A Potential Buyer

    By Tom Cobery
    In October 26, 2016
    When the Seller has narrowed the prospective Buyers down to one, a Letter of Intent is requested from the Buyer. The Letter of Intent will spell out the Terms and Purchase Price that the Buyer is willing to pay, which has presumably been verbally agreed to.  Among other items, the Letter of Intent will be based on the Buyer receiving a number of days of exclusivity to complete due diligence and finalize documentation. This...
  • A New Set of Lenses – Part Two

    By Mike Philie
    In October 4, 2016
    Situational analysis – what do you look for, how do you get the information, how should you take action? In a business that’s full of transition and you’re trying to best determine how to get “from here to there,” it helps by having a good understanding of where here is. That is what we’ve seen in the industry and, more importantly, what we are hearing from our clients and members. What to do. I...
  • Due Diligence Process

    By Tom Cobery
    In August 26, 2016
    Assuming that you are on the selling side of an acquisition, you are in for a fun filled sixty days. After signing a Letter of Intent, the Due Diligence (DD) begins. The DD is usually quite extensive and may include as many as twelve different areas of concern. The obvious are: Legal; Financial; Tax and Regulatory; Operations; and Information Systems. However, other areas of concern are: Risk Management (Insurance); Human Resources; Logistics (Facility); Procurement...
  • Press Release: Idealliance Extends Soderstrom Awards Dinner Early Bird Pricing Through September 1

    By Epicomm
    In August 24, 2016
    Table Sponsorships and Individual Tickets Still Available at Reduced Rates for Sept. 24th Gala in Orlando, Fla., on the Eve of GRAPH EXPO 2016 Alexandria, VA. (August 24, 2016)― Idealliance has announced that early bird pricing for table sponsorships and individual tickets to the gala Soderstrom Awards Dinner on Sept. 24 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Fla., has been extended through September 1. Individual seats are $195 through September 1, $225 from Sept. 2...