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For companies seeking to grow or diversify, mergers or acquisitions can be an effective strategy. Epicomm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team offers company executives trusted advisors who can help them build long-term shareholder value through strategic mergers and acquisitions. The Mergers & Acquisitions Team provides merger and acquisition advisory services, as well as helping companies with:

  • Strategic sale of a businessMA_Handshake_163x113
  • Strategic partner assessment and procurement
  • Acquisition of general intangibles
  • Industry trends briefing and analysis for financial buyers
  • Post-merger integration services
  • Business valuation

Since every industry has its own characteristics, mergers and acquisitions in the graphic communications industry often move more smoothly when participants and their advisors have industry knowledge and experience. Five distinct advantages set Epicomm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team apart from other business transaction advisors:

Epicomm’s Value & Price


Epicomm’s Value & Price Mergers & Acquisitions work doesn’t have to be expensive. For a modest investment, Epicomm works along with its clients to provide only the services they actually need, regardless of whether a company is a seasoned acquirer needing an objective second opinion, or a beginner just mapping out M&A as a growth strategy for their business.

Industry Knowledge


A Mergers & Acquisitions deal in the printing industry is unique. Based on Epicomm’s in-depth knowledge of printing and graphic communications, it can help determine real value and opportunities for growth.

Financial Savvy


We developed a wide aray of tools and solutions to help our clients extract maximum value from their transactions. Examples include:  Financial Synergy Model, Liquidation Budget, and DCF Valuation Framework.

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The Epicomm Mergers & Acquisitions Team is an independent resource that offers advice on what makes sense for its client. Epicomm gives honest assessments of value being offered or received.

Speed & Experience


When time is critical, as it frequently is when dealing with banks, the Epicomm team brings years of experience to the table to get things done efficiently and effectively.

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