sales-busines-development-imgIn an intensely competitive industry, Sales and Business Development are the lifeblood of a successful business. Epicomm offers a number of Sales & Business Advisory Services that can increase sales success, retain and grow business with existing customers, and prospect for new business with greater effectiveness.

Epicomm Sales & Business Advisory Services:

  • Communicating with Prospects and Clients
  • Sales Management Fundamentals
  • Information Gathering during the Sales Call
  • Epicomm’s Key Account Accelerator™
  • Sales Assessment
  • M&A Customer Analysis Process™
  • Vertical Market Primer
  • Sales Compensation Evaluation
  • Account Development
  • Weekly Sales Planning
  • Creating New Customers
  • Prospect Analysis Process™
  • Interim Sales Management
  • eKG Competitive Edge Profile™

Sales and Business Development services available range from sales management fundamentals and variable-data printing sales training to sales compensation evaluation and new account development. Epicomm’s proprietary Key Account Accelerator™, Customer and Prospect Analysis Process™, and eKG Competitive Edge Profile™ are all offered in module format to help companies measure their current competitive position and improve it for greater profitability.

For more information, please contact Mike Philie at (201) 523-6302,