Clear Expectations

By Mike Philie
In May 14, 2012

Managers often take for granted that the people they work with all have the same understanding of the company goals and challenges as they do. But in reality, business owners and senior managers are not immune to skipping past the details and quickly looking for overall agreement within the sales group so as to move onto the next crisis or opportunity.

The printing business has changed and with those changes come different opportunities to be successful with clients. Exactly what those look like have a lot to do with the suite of services you can offer, how well your know that client market and whether or not you have convinced the decision makers and influencers that you’re interested, capable and qualified to help. Oh yeah, and whether or not they want to be helped.

The leadership and sales teams need to be aligned and in agreement with the strategy and how they will carry out the plan. If they are not it’s bound to lead to frustration on both sides of the aisle, missed client opportunities and an unfortunate waste of resources.

Lead, measure, reinforce and adjust is not a new concept at all when trying to instill change into an organization. Its application though may be a new way to execute your ideas if you’re having issues with expectations not being met.

Mike Philie

Mike works with printing companies that are not satisfied with their sales and business development performance, and are looking to get objective advice and strategic direction on how to improve the results of their business. His engagements can range from providing input on the overall sales strategy to building business development pipelines while training the processes of “selling” in today’s marketplace. Mike quickly establishes himself as a trusted resource and advisor to the owners and senior staff of his client companies through his personal involvement, and very quietly and effectively becomes an extension of their staff.

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