Coaching to Be Best

By Mike Philie
In April 11, 2008

College basketball has the final four, hockey has the frozen four…What does it take to earn a berth in the printing industry’s top echelon of performing companies? Some similarities between the top college teams and your own company might include having talented team members, a great coaching staff, a strong playbook, a thorough understanding of the competition…I mean the marketplace, and the motivation and drive to be the best. And let’s not forget about passion too.

If you thought for a moment about your business being a college sports team, how far up the bracket would you make it? Can you identify the three most important things that you do that will get your ‘team’ to the finals? What might be some of the obstacles that could prevent you from cutting down the nets in your own championship game? Does your printing 'team' have the same amount of passion about what they do each day as they have when they’re watching their favorite sports team compete?

If not, maybe it’s time to brush off the ‘ol playbook and get your 'team' charged up! Maybe rethink your coaching strategy, come up with some new plays that will focus on your strengths while working to improve your weaknesses and compete to win everyday…just a thought.

Mike Philie

Mike works with printing companies that are not satisfied with their sales and business development performance, and are looking to get objective advice and strategic direction on how to improve the results of their business. His engagements can range from providing input on the overall sales strategy to building business development pipelines while training the processes of “selling” in today’s marketplace. Mike quickly establishes himself as a trusted resource and advisor to the owners and senior staff of his client companies through his personal involvement, and very quietly and effectively becomes an extension of their staff.

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