Digging Out

By Dawn Lospaluto
In December 30, 2010

There was a time here in northern New Jersey when a forecast of six inches of snow would send people into a frenzy of survival preparations. Then, a few years ago, we were hit with a winter of more than 15 snowstorms, snowfalls ranging from a few inches to more than a dozen, each following the other within a few days. The cumulative effect of snow upon snow upon snow changed our perspective.

Six inches of snow? No problem (at least not after most folks went out and augmented their snow shovel supply with a new snow blower). A foot? Well, inconvenient maybe. As a result, although last weekend’s Boxing Day Blizzard, with its 25”-30” average snowfall, 50 mph wind gusts, and 20 degree temperatures was viewed as potent, it was nothing to panic about.

It seems as though it’s all a matter of how you look at things. Our two-year-old collie/shepherd mix, for example, was unfazed by the looming snow drifts in the backyard. The one-year-old beagle/dachshund saw things from a bit closer to the ground and took two days to muster the courage to fling herself headlong into snow well above her head to chase a foraging squirrel.

The recession of the past three years has been a lot like our recent blizzard—unexpected, worse than anticipated, powerful, even overwhelming in places—but not impossible to dig out of, given enough time, a positive perspective, the right tools, and the willingness to work hard. And when it comes to digging out, NAPL has put into its members’ hands a new management power tool—the comprehensive WorkPlan for Success—that is now helping more and more companies deal with the recession’s toughest business challenges more easily and effectively.

If you’re still trying to combat the business elements with that old back-breaking management shovel, now’s the time to put yourself in control of this power-packed industry instrument. Contact NAPL Director of Membership Kristen Kitchen at (678) 594-0048, Ext. 104, or kkitchen@napl.org and she’ll help get you started today.

Dawn Lospaluto

Epicomm Senior Director of Communications, Dawn has been the editor of Epicomm 's "Bottom Line" magazine and its predecessor publications, "NAPL Business Review," Printing Manager," and "The Journal of Graphic Communications Management," for 20 years. She also writes and edits several Epicomm member print and electronic newsletters, including [Re]View, Management Bulletin, Highlights, and Discover; press releases; and various marketing materials; and oversees Epicomm 's book publishing program. Dawn previously served as corporate managing editor for Allied (now Honeywell) Corporation and as a reporter and editor for New Jersey's largest evening newspaper. She is a graduate of Douglass College (Rutgers University) and holds an M.A. degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she has served on the adjunct faculty.

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