Economy Becomes Top Concern

By Epicomm
In February 5, 2008

The economy is now the top concern for commercial printers, cited by over 72.0% of the participants in the NAPL State of the Industry Update. Moreover, the economy is the most frequently cited concern—by far—in every company-size category and region. I don’t believe that has ever happened in the 21 years we’ve been surveying printers.

Despite their concern, 83.0% of our study group plan to increase or hold steady the percent of revenues they invest in capital equipment over the next three years. The consensus: “We have to stay on the technology supersonic highway. It’s moving fast and the longer you wait to get on it the harder it is to catch up.” That consensus extends across companies of all sizes: We surveyed companies with annual sales ranging from under $1 million to over $100 million. And in every size category at least 71.7% plan to increase or maintain their capital investment ratio through 2010.                     Andrew Paparozzi

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