Eddie the Extraordinary…..Cook

By Bill Farquharson
In January 7, 2014

Eddie the Extraordinary Cook

As we do on occasion, my daughter and I escaped the New England cold for a couple of days of roller coaster riding at Universal Studios. I will remember a lot from this weekend: Riding The Incredible Hulk ten consecutive times. The Harry Potter exhibit and the fact Europe and South America must be vacant because they are all in line to buy Griffendoor scarves.

And Eddie. I will remember Eddie.

Eddie was the omelet chef at Orlando’s Embassy Suites Hotel. As a cook, there was nothing remarkable about him. It was what Eddie said that made him memorable: he called each and every guest by name, wishing us a good morning and asking for our order.

How did he know our names, you might ask?

He didn’t. He made them up. I, for example, was “Tom.” My daughter Emma was “Brittany.” Um, okay.

It gets better…

Eddie not only gave everyone a new identity, he asked where the guest was from and then built a whole story around the answer. You’re from North Carolina? He used to date Ms. North Carolina. She keeps calling the house. Really irritates his wife. Oh, you’re a Texan? Eddie was governor of Texas for a time. You name the place, Eddie was a star in that state.

The line for omelets and eggs was never more than six or seven long but no one was bored. We smiled. We laughed. All thanks to Eddie.

But it gets BETTER…

Day Two of our trip, I awoke a good three hours before an exhausted Emma and took up residence down in the breakfast area. To my absolute amazement, Eddie greeted me once again as “Tom.” Impressive. I’ll bet he saw 250 guests a day during his 4 hour stint as omelet guy. As I sat, worked, and drank coffee, I heard Eddie remember each and every name he had assigned the day before. Remarkable. Extraordinary. Memorable.

I have great admiration for people who bring joy to their job. It is rare indeed to witness such an attitude. The last last time I saw it was at a retail store roughly three months ago. I doubt I’ll see it again for several months, but I hope I am wrong.

Eddie will likely not earn a penny more for the joy he brings to his job. I suspect he doesn’t care. The gift of making a customer happy has its own rewards.

I hope that some day one of the senior staff members at Hilton (but not Paris or Perez) visits their Orlando Embassy Suites location and decides to skip the oatmeal and get an omelet and take in the “Eddie show.” This guy should be putting on customer service seminars.

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Bill Farquharson

Epicomm Vice President Bill Farquharson previously served as President of Aspire For, a sales training and consulting firm in Duxbury, MA, and is a 30+ year sales veteran in the print and form industries. He has trained thousands of print sales representative, sales managers, and “selling owners” with a highly successful, no-nonsense “old school” approach. His unique training programs—The Sales Challenge, The Mobile Sales Club, and Tuesday eWorkshops—have become an industry standard for driving new business. Bill has trained and coached sales people from Xerox, Fuji Xerox, HP Indigo, Heidelberg, EFI, Konica-Minolta, and others. An active columnist and blogger for Printing Impressions magazine, PIWorld.com, he also shares two weekly electronic eblasts each week with thousands worldwide: Monday Video Sales Tip and Friday Short Attention Span Webinars. Bill received a B.A. degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and worked in sales at UARCO Business Forms, Advanced Form Systems, and Print Tec Network, prior to founding his own firm.

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