What is the Connected Community?

Epicomm’s Connected Community is on online community allows users to connect, collaborate, and share information and resources with industry peers.

Who Can Participate in the Connected Community?

The community is open to both members and non-members. However, non-members only have access to the Open Forum community, while members have access to industry specific segment groups and the members-only resource library.

Why an Online Community and Not a Listserv?

The Connected Community is similar to a Listserv, but offers additional invaluable features. Some of the benefits of the Connected Community are:

  • No More Out-of-Office Messages – One of the biggest complaints with the listserve is the out-of-office messages that you receive. Connect will eliminate these annoying autoreplies.
  • Completely Searchable – You can now search the archived posts and responses and the immense resources of the entire Epicomm database.
  • No More Lost Emails – Never worry about archiving emails or important email strings from a listserve or from other members. All posts and responses are stored in Connect so you can find them easily by keyword or topic.
  • You Have Control – You decide how you receive notifications. Select a daily summary or real-time notifications and stay connected.
  • Upload Documents – All of your member benefit documents can be found in Connect and you have the ability to upload valuable information and documents to share with your peers.

How Can You Getting Involved in the Community?

  • Login
    • If you are a member and don’t remember your username/password click here.
    • Not a member? Click here to create a guest account.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions
  • Update your profile
    • Upload a photo
    • Link profile to LinkedIn account or manually input your information
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Search for contacts and “Add as Contact”
  • Start/reply to a discussion in the open forum about relevant industry topic
    • Ask questions
    • Share ideas
    • Answer questions
    • Share your experiences/insights
    • Ask for inspiration
    • Share useful resources

Need help? Click here to view directions.