Epicomm’s Top Level Priorities For 2015

By Ken Garner
In February 27, 2015

Every organization needs a plan that lays out its strategic priorities on annual basis. Trade associations are not an exception. The following outline is intended to share Epicomm’s strategic priorities for 2015 with our valuable stakeholders. We have four major priorities that will dictate the focus of our energy and resources this year including…

The Responsible Management of the Association’s Financial Resources

“Non-profit” does not mean “not for profit”. Epicomm’s leadership and staff feel a strong sense of responsibility to deliver the highest level of product and service quality possible. But, the strength of that commitment is meaningless if it can’t be matched with the necessary level of financial support. We will manage the association with a focus on generating the required profit to sustain the organization with reasonable profitability to reinvest in a value proposition that provides our members with a compelling ROI.

We Must Drive a Greater Sense of Unity

While we are a “blended family” of legacy member segments, in order to optimize our potential we must come together as a single organization. This does not mean that we will ignore the need to create products and services that are customized to the unique needs of our legacy member segments, but our Board, staff, and membership must operate as one aligned, unified, and powerful association. Replacing our “puzzle piece” logo with a fresh new name, tagline, and logo has been a significant step toward this goal.

We Need to Drive a Greater Level of Member Engagement

We are fortunate to have members whose commitment to the Epicomm’s success includes their willingness to commit their time and energy as well as their dues. We will create a structure that will provide members with opportunities to help set the direction of the association and to help execute the plans that have been developed. A greater sense of collective ownership is a healthy dynamic for any membership organization.

In addition, we need to ensure that our products and services satisfy the wants, needs, and expectations of our members. Our rebranding provides an opportunity to take a critical look at our value proposition. During the first quarter of this year we will execute an unprecedented comprehensive member survey that will provide the foundation for evaluating our current value proposition and developing compelling new products and services based on the “voice of the customer”.

We Are Committed to On-Going, Continuous Improvement

We are committed to identifying our core competencies and working to continuously improve. Those required functions that do not represent core competencies will be outsourced to specialists. We are committed to being “best in class” in everything we do.

Every plan should contain a strong degree of aspiration. We understand that we have a lot of work to do to get to where we want and need to be. But, we have a strong foundation and strong history on which to build. And to a person, your Board and staff are committed to these goals. With your support and engagement we will realize the enormous potential created when Epicomm was created.

Ken Garner

President & CEO Ken Garner joined Epicomm – then the Association of Marketing Service Providers – in November 2008 as its President and CEO after a 33 year career in the printing industry – all with the same company. He joined United Litho, a heatset web magazine printing company, after receiving his undergraduate degree. Working his way up the corporate ladder from janitor/delivery driver he held a variety of jobs including V.P of Operations and V.P. of Sales and Marketing. He spent the last 12 years of his printing career as United Litho’s president. In 1994, he engineered the sale of the company to the Sheridan Group and became a member of its Leadership Team.

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