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What is a chapter meeting?

A chapter meeting is a local event, coordinated between local leadership and active members, and the association HQ. At these meetings, colleagues and industry partners get together for two to three hours to network, share common challenges and successes, attend an educational presentation (usually about an hour long), and enjoy refreshments or a light meal.

What do you talk about at meetings?

Whatever you like! Chapter events are scheduled and developed to meet the needs of members on a smaller, more personalized scale than the usual conferences or webinars. Topics can range from Postal Updates, to marketing, to software, roundtables, and beyond. If you’ve heard a common theme in talking to your neighboring colleagues recently, or have encountered a presenter/topic that you think is a must-share, let us know!

Why should I go?

There are a number of great reasons to attend chapter meetings.

  • Meet your local colleagues; they’re one of your most valuable resources for education, problem solving, and support. Attending these meetings also shows your support and involvement – next time they need a solution, you could be the one they turn to.
  • Education; Staying on top of current news and trends is key to keeping a competitive advantage in your business. Even if you think a meeting’s topic “doesn’t apply to you”, odds are it matters to one of your industry partners, or more importantly, your customers. Understanding your industry as a whole will help you succeed.
  • Make your voice heard; being an active part of your industry is key to being a success in your industry.
  • Getting more out of your membership; the combined benefit of education, networking, and activity at the local level all add up to a big benefit for your business. Can’t make it out of the office for a 3-day conference? How about just 3 hours to reap the benefits of your membership!