Focus Your Efforts

By Mike Philie
In January 16, 2009

Some sales people claim to be able to sell anything to anyone. Just like some printing companies that say they can handle anything a client may need. While there may be some truth to those comments I would also point out that there are some things that you can do better than others. Knowing what those are can be the difference between being good and being exceptional.

During a recent call I heard a sales rep discussing her best clients and how she has been able to nurture and build on those relationships. She knew what clients she worked best with and which she should turn over to her colleagues. She is comfortable know where she'll be successful and is one of the top reps in her office. Another example is a business referral I tried to make to a friend of mine. While the work that needed to be done was right up their alley he stated that the assignment really needed to generate at least $x dollars in revenue otherwise he would not be able to devote the resources necessary to make it successful. He is focused on the type and size of business that will help them to achieve their business goals. It wouldn't and I looked elsewhere.

It's hard to say no to an opportunity, particularly during these economic times. Sometimes walking away from deals that "just don't make sense" for you or your business might in fact be the right thing to do and can allow you to focus your efforts on deals that you can be successful with.

Mike Philie

Mike works with printing companies that are not satisfied with their sales and business development performance, and are looking to get objective advice and strategic direction on how to improve the results of their business. His engagements can range from providing input on the overall sales strategy to building business development pipelines while training the processes of “selling” in today’s marketplace. Mike quickly establishes himself as a trusted resource and advisor to the owners and senior staff of his client companies through his personal involvement, and very quietly and effectively becomes an extension of their staff.

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