Getting a Charge

By Dawn Lospaluto
In July 15, 2013

Among the innovations popping up increasingly at conferences and show booths these days are charging stations–little pads or docks visitors can use to charge their cellphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Given the omnipresence of battery-powered technologies, from hand-held games and music players to mapping/directional devices and electric/hybrid vehicles, finding places to recharge your tools and toys has become an important concern.

But what about recharging yourself? Keeping yourself “in the green” is even more important. Where can you find a charging station for a depleted personal battery, one that has been heavily drained by difficult business and economic conditions, worries about the future of your business, and the stress of impending new government regulations and requirements?

For some, true R&R is the only answer. A week or more at the beach, in the mountains, or amidst the diversions of a major city, resort, or exotic foreign location may be enough to recharge themselves sufficiently for the challenges they will face when they return to the shop or office.

Others get their boost of energy by going in the opposite direction–spending more time working on the business than trying to escape it. For these executives, participating in a business seminar, taking a course at a local university, or attending a conference gives them new strength and a greater capacity to meet the challenges of today’s industry environment.

In a way, you might say that they recharge themselves by drawing from the shared energy of their peers, gaining new strength in the form of new ideas and insights from those facing similar challenges. But it isn’t a matter of having others to commiserate with, it’s that those you meet in these settings tend to be businesspeople who want to learn, are excited about finding ways to succeed, and possess the kind of positive outlook that is catching.

Growing up in a small town just 12 miles from Manhattan, I always found that a trip to “the city,” as we always termed it, never failed to raise my excitement level, make me aim higher and think bigger. It’s been said that if you look up at the tall buildings in New York City, people will know you’re a tourist, but if you don’t look up, they‘ll know you’re crazy. Trying to be “too cool” to be impressed by the incredible architecture means missing out on one of the city’s–and the world’s–great man-made glories.

Trying to be “too cool” to seek the help and advice of others, including some folks who may be a lot younger and less experienced, means missing out on one of the industry’s great opportunities for learning, advancement, and enthusiasm.

If you want to recharge your business battery, there are plenty of opportunities you can plug into in coming weeks, including:

  • PRINT 13, Sept. 8-12 in Chicago, the industry’s largest North American exhibition and education venue, with scores of seminars, dozens of free informational sessions, and hundreds of hands-on exhibits.
  • NAQP 2013 Owners Conference, Nov. 7-10 in Nashville, Tenn., the longest-running conference geared specifically to the issues and opportunities for the quick and small commercial printer and mailer.
  • NAPL M&A Workshops, Sept. 7 in Chicago and Nov. 14 in Rochester, one-day programs sponsored by Xerox for anyone in the industry interested in learning more about how strategic business transactions can help them enter new markets and profit from the current industry consolidation and market redistribution.

Visit regularly to learn more about these and other programs that will help you gain new business strength and stamina, and no USB cable or wall outlet is required.

Dawn Lospaluto

Epicomm Senior Director of Communications, Dawn has been the editor of Epicomm 's "Bottom Line" magazine and its predecessor publications, "NAPL Business Review," Printing Manager," and "The Journal of Graphic Communications Management," for 20 years. She also writes and edits several Epicomm member print and electronic newsletters, including [Re]View, Management Bulletin, Highlights, and Discover; press releases; and various marketing materials; and oversees Epicomm 's book publishing program. Dawn previously served as corporate managing editor for Allied (now Honeywell) Corporation and as a reporter and editor for New Jersey's largest evening newspaper. She is a graduate of Douglass College (Rutgers University) and holds an M.A. degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she has served on the adjunct faculty.

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