Great Quality…Super Service

By Mike Philie
In October 20, 2008

When I ask printing company CEO's "What do you do well, how do you differentiate yourself in the market," the answer I get is: "We have great quality and we service the heck out of our clients." Have you ever met a printer who said their quality was about average and our service is, well, just OK?

With a few exceptions, quality and service are par for the course. Without those two attributes, you're out of business. The downside here is that every time a client hears a new pitch from a printer they learn about…quality and service. It's no wonder that printing is often treated as a commodity and that price becomes the last remaining factor.

The cool part about this is that during a 15 minute conversation with print customers about the printing business asking

  1. Who they do business with
  2. Why they buy from them, and
  3. What keeps them coming back, etc., 

we can usually identify several of the true differentiators for a company. It's not hard, but you've got to stop looking at it through the same old "printer" lenses.

Yeah, quality and service are important but you'll need to articulate much more than that to get into and stay in the game. Now get out there and make a play!

Mike Philie

Mike works with printing companies that are not satisfied with their sales and business development performance, and are looking to get objective advice and strategic direction on how to improve the results of their business. His engagements can range from providing input on the overall sales strategy to building business development pipelines while training the processes of “selling” in today’s marketplace. Mike quickly establishes himself as a trusted resource and advisor to the owners and senior staff of his client companies through his personal involvement, and very quietly and effectively becomes an extension of their staff.

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