Growing By Diversifying Into Signage

By Mitch Evans
In June 19, 2014

There is no question that our quick print or small commercial printing businesses are changing. The way we manufacture is changing as the shift from offset to digital continues possibly at an increasing rate. Client buying patterns, the products they buy and the services that they rely on us has also changed dramatically.
Everyone is looking to see where the new sales opportunities lie. When I owned my printing business, we grew substantially by adding new services and products – some of these services or products were ones we subcontracted out and then decided to bring in house. Examples were typesetting, mailing, signs and process color printing. Others were brand new services like faxing (keep in mind that I started in this business in 1978), color copying and wide format printing.
The best area to grow your print shop today is in signage. Many if not most printers have already added wide format printing in house. They use it for proofing, printing posters and banners. Wide format has added some revenue but the real opportunity is being able to produce and sell the full gamut of sign products and services.
The sign industry is experiencing double digit growth. Why is this happening? Primarily due to the low cost methods available today to produce a large variety of custom signage that has allowed businesses and organizations to display their brand on almost everything.
The sign industry today is reminiscent of what the quick printing industry was like in the 1980’s. Sign shops are now everywhere in visible locations. Some printers have added signage but still a very small percentage. Signage is one graphic related service that will continue to grow as most clients do not have the ability to produce their own signage and due to the size and weight of most signs they need to buy these products from a local source.

Mitch Evans

Graduate of Lehigh University with M.S. in Management Science. Began career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in NYC. Owned Print Tech in NJ for over 23 years - grew to $8mm printing company with 6 locations. Sold Print Tech and started print consulting in 2002. Specializes in M&A, strategic planning, sales & marketing strategies, digital printing, expanding into signage, executive coaching and peer group faciilation.

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