Enhance your competitive position by obtaining qualification status in the industry’s leading print production and color management certification programs!

Through an agreement with Idealliance, Epicomm members have direct access to the Idealliance series of G7® Master facility qualification and G7 Professional and Expert certification programs, as well as a series of online Color Management Professional® Certification and integrated workflow programs designed to improve efficiencies in media production and delivery.

What does this mean for Epicomm members?

  • Idealliance will waiver the $450 fee for Idealliance Network Membership, a requirement for certification, for any new G7 Master Qualification or G7 Professional Certification, or provide a $450 discount on a one-year Idealliance Corporate Membership.
  • Epicomm members seeking first-time G7 Master Qualifications will pay only the application submission and compliance fees (approximately $550 vs. the standard $1,000).
  • The G7 Professional three-day training program fee (including two-year Idealliance Network membership) for Epicomm members will be $2,450, rather than the standard $2,900, and those enrolling in the G7 Expert three-day training program fee ($2,500 plus corporate dues) will receive a $450 credit.
  • Epicomm members will also be able to take advantage of eight Idealliance online training programs in color management, integrated media workflow, and G7 process control workflow at Idealliance member rates.

What is G7?

G7 is an internationally recognized methodology for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems to a common visual neutral grayscale appearance. G7 is used to consistently hit desired color targets and is designed to align all devices, substrates, and inks. G7 Master Qualification is granted to a physical print facility proven capable of performing the G7 methodology on proof and press by a certified G7 Expert. G7 Experts and G7 Professionals are individuals skilled in the fields of color management, process, and quality control for proofing and printing, and are certified to perform G7 Master Qualifications.

A G7 Expert is able to analyze color and print-related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard or specification with repeatable, predictable results. Certification is valid for two years and recertification is required every two years. A G7 Professional is generally an in-house quality/technical professional who is certified to perform G7 Master Re-qualifications. The G7 Professional must also recertify every two years.

How do I qualify our facility as a G7 Master?        

  1. Locate a certified G7 Expert near you in the Idealliance Directory of Certified Experts who will qualify your company in the G7 Master program. You must notify the G7 Expert you’re an Epicomm member to receive the special Epicomm discounted rates.


  1. Register a member of your team in an upcoming Idealliance G7 Expert training course (courses listed HERE.) To receive the discounted rate, email your desired meeting registration request to, mentioning your Epicomm member status.

How do Epicomm members enroll in online technical training?

To register in the Idealliance Color Management Professional® and other online training programs at the special discounted rate, use the Coupon Code EPIC15 to receive a discount of 20%-off the non-member price on any Idealliance online training program or publication (find list of online training at (The twenty percent discount applied results in paying the Idealliance member rate in most cases.)

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