If You Were a Start-Up?

By Mike Philie
In July 19, 2011

If your business were a start up company instead of an existing organization, would you be doing anything differently? Uhhm…

As I travel around the country and speak with clients I notice this pent up frustration with the sluggishness of the business environment. I also notice than many companies are not taking advantage of the equipment, technology and services that they offer in an integrated manner to solve client business issues. In a sense, under utilizing the assets they currently possess. OK, back to the start-up.

I recently asked a company management team what they would do differently with their business if in fact it were a start-up and had the ability to start over. They quickly suggested enough ideas to fill a couple of easel pad sheets. The ha-ha moment came when I asked them what was preventing them from doing any of these things now? As it turned out, only two of the ideas required cap-ex funds but the balance were ideas that are now on their strategic to-do list.

What would you do different and what’s holding you back? Probably not as much as you think.

Mike Philie

Mike works with printing companies that are not satisfied with their sales and business development performance, and are looking to get objective advice and strategic direction on how to improve the results of their business. His engagements can range from providing input on the overall sales strategy to building business development pipelines while training the processes of “selling” in today’s marketplace. Mike quickly establishes himself as a trusted resource and advisor to the owners and senior staff of his client companies through his personal involvement, and very quietly and effectively becomes an extension of their staff.

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