Meeting the printing industry of tomorrow…

By Joe Truncale
In September 17, 2009

One of the best parts of the last day at the Print show, besides the prospect of returning home, would have to be the influx of students. This Wednesday saw future printers, designers, educators, salespeople and engineers all traveling from booth to booth, speaking with suppliers, investigating new technology and of course, helping themselves to all of the beautiful printed samples.


Perhaps an even more incredible aspect of our industry: salespeople, company executives and engineers – all willing to engage these inquiring young minds. Any amount of time spent on the floor demonstrates that today’s members of industry do care about the future of print. In an ever-changing world economy, doing what one can to ensure the long-term viability of one’s profession is paramount.


These folks – these students, are the printing industry of tomorrow and it is wonderful to have so many of them interested and enthusiastic about our field. The realization that our willingness to answer their questions and offer advice may help influence their future career choices in our favor is indeed a humbling and important one.



Joe T.

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