After attending my first annual event for MFSA-SW in 1979 with Roy Sowell, as his new Executive VP, I felt like I had come into the light from a cave. To suddenly be with a group of people in the same line of work from across the nation, and to see them greet one another as longtime friends, then attend meetings that presented relevant topics of the day that impacted our businesses, was fantastic.  The real satisfaction came near the end of the conference when we listened to the panels of my competitors as they discussed mutual problems while audience members contributed their insights to remedy those situations.  This was for me, a wonder to behold.  I learned more in 2 days than I had in a year.  Mr. Sowell was a great educator, but the MFSA-SW was a place to expand on the things he taught me and more importantly learn the innovations of my industry; things that we had not thought of yet.  Mr. Sowell taught me that I NEEDED to go to the MFSA-SW events because as he said, “You will inevitably come away with one or two bits of information that will help to improve our business”…and he was right.

The AMSP-SW allows us to come together and forge a trail of how to grow our industry and businesses.  Together we can infiltrate all the organizations the new marketers attach themselves to and spread our TEE “Traditional Enhances Electronic” philosophy.  Our industry continues to evolve by utilizing BOTH the old and new together; the pairing makes our Customers Successful.

The “Traditional” businesses that make up the AMSP-SW, and the annual conference we create, offer so much value today because we make our industry, businesses (even the newest rookies) as well as our clients successful.