The true test of the value of any association is whether members can put concepts, ideas and methods to practical and profitable use. Epicomm’s game-changing WorkPlan for Success™ helps members do just that. Built around the mission-critical areas of Management Plus, the WorkPlan provides hands-on instruction, tools and templates to help members create achievable plans, improve their operations and create the systems required to measure performance.

The Epicomm WorkPlan for Success is a Members-Only benefit. Epicomm members can access the WorkPlan for Success, by logging into the online community and clicking on the WorkPlan for Success folder. To learn more about membership, please click here!

Key WorkPlan for Success features



Practical guides to surveying customer perceptions, setting sales compensation, training your sales force ­ and more.

Members can click here to view the sales section in the online community.



Understand benchmarking processes, develop costing structures, and create a dashboard of vital metrics.

Members can click here to view the finance section in the online community.

Human Resources / Leadership


Review your employee policy manual, create a great experience for your new hires, measure employee performance.

Members can click here to view the human resources/leadership section in the online community.

Strategic Planning


Learn how to lead your company’s planning process, analyze your situation, set meaningful objectives and execute.

Members can click here to view the strategic planning section in the online community.



Conduct market research and analysis, identify your target markets, implement a sound marketing plan.

Members can click here to view the marketing section in the online community.



Standardize your operations and procedures, manage quality, improve shop floor performance, and gather the right information.

Members can click here to view the operations section in the online community.