Mentoring Program Helps Sands Creative Group Reach New Customers

By Epicomm
In December 18, 2013

Despite an impressive record of revenue growth and an expanding portfolio of print service offerings, Rick Sands, president of the Boston-area Sands Creative Group, found himself at a crossroads. Though digital print technology was creating new opportunities for print service providers, several market analysts were forecasting a decline in overall print volume, with particularly challenging times ahead for offset print technology. “We looked at ourselves and realized that we just didn’t have anything new to talk to our customers about.” Driven by this realization, and having consistently expanded through client referrals and repeat business, he believed the company needed new strategies to build direct customer outreach into an area of strength, and stay relevant in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

To help maximize the performance of his newly purchased digital presses, Sands engaged Canon U.S.A.’s Essential Business Builder Mentoring (EBB) program to provide a strategic assessment of his marketing and operational capacities. To approach new customers, Sands and the Canon EBB mentor, Steven Schnoll, from Schnoll Media Consulting discussed a host of innovative tactics that were considered from both an operational and organizational perspective. Canon’s EBB mentoring program began with a two-day observation of the daily operations at Sands Creative Group, followed by the development of a detailed report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and an array of dynamic suggestions on how to move the company to a higher digital level.

By focusing their discussions on emerging technologies like personalized URLs (pURLs) and landing pages that create more effective analytics for conferences and campaigns, Sands’ team was able to help shift their discussions from the procurement department to the VP of Communications.

“Canon’s mentoring program gave me the courage to think strategically; when a customer said no to a certain, more costly print piece, we discussed why they should leverage the technology at our disposal and we’re starting to see the payoff. While some in the industry are projecting doom and gloom, we see tremendous opportunities in the years ahead.”

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