NAPL Printing Business Index Rises in April

By Andrew Paparozzi
In May 7, 2010

Preliminary results show the NAPL Printing Business Index (PBI) rose to 46.3 in April, up sharply 39.3 in February, 35.0 in December, and the highest reading in over two years.

Both measures of current business conditions and expected conditions (confidence) were strong, with the percent
of companies expecting business to improve during the six months ahead rising to the highest level since September 2007. Measures of factory hours, volume, profitability, and pricing, although improved from previous months, were still very weak, reinforcing that the recession isn’t over yet for our industry. (See the May 2010 NAPL Printing Business Conditions
to be released later this month, for details.)

The NAPL Printing Business Index combines several key indicators into a single measure of activity. A reading above 50.0 means more of the companies NAPL surveys report activity is picking up; a reading below 50.0 means the opposite. 

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Andrew Paparozzi

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