NAPL Releases Best Business Practice Guidelines for Terms and Conditions of Sales

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In November 30, 2009
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NAPL Releases Best Business Practice Guidelines for Terms and Conditions of Sales

Paramus, NJ – 11/30/2009 – NAPL today announced the availability of the printing industry’s most up-to-date document of best-practice guidelines having to do with the terms and conditions of sale, the result of a collaborative initiative by NAPL, NPES and PIA.

Bob Whitton, managing director of the Research & Engineering Council of NAPL, is a principal member of the team that undertook the first comprehensive update in seven years of best practices surrounding the purchase and sale of printing-related goods, services and technologies.

Whitton says that the new guidelines fill a need for companies that want their practices to reflect the industry as it is today. “Buying practices change, selling practices change, and it is sound business strategy to acknowledge and account for these changes. Good service providers need to attend to the legal intricacies of how they connect to the marketplace they’re selling into. Their practices should reflect the industry we’re involved in right now, as opposed to seven to 10 years ago,” he added.

The Best Business Practice Guidelines are designed to help companies produce a set of relevant understandings surrounding the transactional relationships that bring buyer and seller together.

“If a company goes to the effort to publish its understanding of what the terms and conditions of sales to be, it will have framework for preventing misunderstandings and engaging in productive discussions,” Whitton continued.

The generic guidelines are advisory in nature and are listed alphabetically for convenience. Whitton explained, “They’re intended to provide a strong starting point for a printer, who can consult with his/her attorneys to amend and apply the terms as appropriate.”

In the future, more ground remains to be broken as print services providers migrate toward becoming marketing service providers, and the nature of the relationships between buyer and seller evolve in an increasingly multi-channel, multimedia provider world. “We see more changes ahead,” concludes Whitton, “but for the moment, if one wants to be current and up to date with what are foundational concepts about how printers see the relationship with their customers, in vetted legal language that is reasonably easy to understand, these guidelines are quite useful to hang their hats on.”

The Best Business Practice Guidelines for Terms and Conditions of Sale document is available free of charge to NAPL members and can be downloaded at

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