New NAPL Book Puts Marketing Focus On the Customer, Not the Company

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In November 11, 2009
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New NAPL Book Puts Marketing Focus On the Customer, Not the Company

In Customer-Centered Production, Dr. Greg D’Amico advises companies
to base marketing initiatives on what “appeals to, interests, or attracts” the customer

Paramus, N.J. -11/11/2009 -“Successful marketing is not company-centered, it is customer-centered. The marketing message shouldn’t be about the company, but about what resonates with—appeals to, interests, attracts—the customer,” says Dr. Gregory D’Amico, author of the new NAPL book, Customer-Centered Marketing. “It is not about what the company can do, but about the positive effect the company’s services can have on the customer.

Using a balanced mix of practical applications and field-tested theories, D’Amico’s Customer-Centered Marketing gives marketing managers a detailed roadmap—complete with specific action steps—for creating a marketing program that will develop new business, retain existing customers, and strengthen their company’s market position.

The 168-page paperback book is the latest volume from NAPL, the association for the business of print, on best management practices for today’s graphic communications industry. Its author, Coordinator of the Undergraduate Graphic Communications Program at Kean University, Union, N.J., draws on his own experience as an industry consultant and educator and incorporates ideas from noted management theorists to show how companies can build a successful marketing initiative focused on understanding their customers’ goals.

“Most marketers tend to concentrate their marketing messages on themselves, explaining who they are, what they do, and why they do it better than anyone else. Although it is important to let prospects know these things, they should not be at the heart of a company’s marketing efforts—to be truly effective, marketing must not be inward looking, it must look outward to the intended target,” notes D’Amico.

“A customer-centered marketing strategy starts “with a thorough knowledge of your customers or prospects–their needs, their desires, their fears, their business aspirations. Then tap into that knowledge to find the best touch point at which its offerings and each customer’s needs, desires, etc., dovetail,” says D’Amico.

It begins with knowing which products and services to offer, and being open to developing new offerings and eliminating old ones on the basis of their profitability potential, he continues: “And of course it also requires identifying the best prospects for the marketing message. Only after the right offerings have been developed, the right prospects identified, and the right information about those prospects gathered, is it then time to develop a carefully targeted marketing message.”

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