What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the process by which an association or agency grants recognition to a school, institute or company that has met certain established qualifications or standards determined through initial and periodic evaluations. An example of accreditation is ISO 9000 registration.

Epicomm Accreditations are awarded to companies that meet a set of criteria designed to identify companies whose practices, standards, and viability qualify them as “Epicomm Accredited” companies.

We currently offer accreditation in the following areas:

Mailing Service Provider Accreditation

Fulfillment Accreditation

Sustainability Accreditation

View our Epicomm Accredited Companies:

Fulfillment Accredited Companies

Sustainability Accredited Companies

For more information please contact Tyler Keeney at 201-523-6316 or tkeeney@epicomm.org.

Procedures for Accreditation Updates from Epicomm Staff, Field Auditors or Accreditation Associated Companies

If you would like to recommend a change to the Epicomm Accreditation Criteria, please follow these procedures:

  1. Prepare your recommendation by designating the particular technical requirement in the criteria, specifying what needs to be changed and why. Include any supporting documentation from your company’s fulfillment operations procedures, if applicable.
  2. Send your recommendations to Epicomm Headquarters:
    1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 320
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2806
    Attn: Accreditation Manager
  3. All recommendations are to be documented and forwarded to the Fulfillment Committee Chair for review.
  4. At least two weeks prior to the next upcoming Fulfillment Committee meeting the recommendations are sent out, by AMSP Headquarters, to all who are planning to attend the committee meeting.
  5. The recommendations are reviewed at the Fulfillment Committee meeting.
  6. During the meeting the recommendations may be modified or left in tact.
  7. Prior to the end of the meeting the committee will vote on each recommended change. A majority vote is required for the change to be approved.
  8. Results are reported back to the AMSP office.
  9. The AMSP Accreditation manager implements the changes.
  10. The documented changes are mailed and emailed to all Accreditation companies and all companies who are in the process of being accredited. The criteria are updated as well.