Epicomm provides a powerful support program for the fulfillment industry. Designed by fulfillment experts for fulfillment companies, A fulfillment accreditation program …

  • That will improve the operation of your company resulting in improved revenue and profits,
  • That will differentiate your company from the competition, and
  • To be backed by a detailed education program to enhance your fulfillment operations.

The Fulfillment Accreditation Program has been developed throughout a seven-year period, by industry leaders of the Association of Marketing Service Providers. This program was developed to provide any company in the industry, regardless of size, experience or technology, to assess its fulfillment operations.

The program is based on a company’s compliance with the program criteria, consisting of 168 unique industry elements. The criteria examine all phases of your operation and focuses upon your fulfillment activities. The companies that comply with the stringent criteria will be recognized by the industry and customers as being part of a new class of companies who understand the value of world-class inventory control and accuracy, have a focus on quality and a proven continuous improvement plan, believe in training their employees at all levels, are contributing members of the fulfillment community and uphold the highest business standards in the industry.

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Fulfillment Accreditation Application

This is the Fulfillment Accreditation fee structure:

AMSP Member Non-Member
Initial Accreditation $2500 $4500
Yearly Review $500 $1000


The auditor’s consulting fee and travel expenses are paid directly by the applicant company to the auditor. Audits may take from two to three days to review material, conduct the physical audit, complete and submit findings, and communicate with Epicomm headquarters. Each auditor establishes his own fee schedule.