Postal Hotline


Need advice on a pressing postal issue? Call Epicomm’s Postal Hotline and be connected with G. P. “George” Heinrich for advice regarding implementation within your company of a particular postal regulation, assistance with a mail acceptance problem or help with operational issues.

Epicomm Members get the membership benefit of the first 30 minutes of every communication with George is complimentary(Charges are incurred for non-members or longer consulting sessions.)

Examples of typical questions:

  • What happens if my customer refuses to update their data?
  • I have a problem with acceptance; they say my permit is incorrect.
  • How do I check to see if the background color is acceptable?

Don’t pull your hair out trying to solve postal or operational troubles, George has already done that for you! Call G. P. “George” Heinrich at 303.325.3048, 8 am – 6 pm Mountain Time.

If you need help on an operational issue, remember to use the online Connected Community for active discussions and real-time responses.

If you need help in understanding a postal regulation, please contact Epicomm’s Vice President of Postal Affairs, Leo Raymond at 800.333.6272 ext. 203.

Fulfillment Hotline

Whether your questions be on operations, warehouse layout, software, sales, or marketing, you are only a phone call or email away from getting the answers. Please contact us at if you are a member seeking assistance.