The MSP Certification will be a set of specific standards and guidelines that participating members must follow to be considered certified/accredited by Epicomm. This program will be similar to the Fulfillment and Sustainability Accreditation programs in structure and evaluation.

Members who participate in the program will gain operational efficiencies and the ability to provide quality services on many service levels. Companies will be able to stand above their competition. Also, once the program is developed, there is an opportunity to present it to the USPS for potential co-branding.

Some areas of focus in the accreditation may include:
• Sales • Safety • Customer Service • Education & Training • Data Management • Production • Digital & VDP • Team Building/Culture • Shipping & Transportation • Quality Control • Administration • Postage Accounting Maintenance • Human Resources • Business Management • Warehouse & Inventory Software Control

Member companies can apply for accreditation by filling out an application. These companies will be sent an outline of the program along with a checklist of specific guidelines/requirements to achieve accreditation.

Upon the return of the checklist, an onsite audit would be scheduled and conducted by an individual selected by Epicomm. This auditor will meet requirements set forth by the association leadership.

The results of the audit would be reviewed by the auditor, a member of Epicomm staff and a volunteer Epicomm member. If the results of the audit meet or exceed the standards set for the program, the company would receive accreditation. The accreditation would be for a period of two years. A company would then be required to obtain another audit to remain accredited for an additional two years.

Accreditation Application

Accreditation Criteria

Financial Evaluation
Fee for participation – Initial – $2500.00
Renewal of Accreditation – $1500.00
Audit fees and travel expenses – Set by auditor