Are you interested in becoming a Sustainability Accredited company?

Your company can then be recognized by the industry as a mailing or fulfillment service provider committed to environmental sustainability.

Epicomm has developed a Sustainability Accreditation program particularly tailored to the mailing and fulfillment industry. This program outlines the sustainability criteria for companies that develop, print, address and prepare mail for clients and fill orders generated from direct mail campaigns, client web sites and other methods. Marketing Service Providers are committed to protecting the environment and natural resources.

What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is a credentialing process by which an association or agency comprised of industry experts grants recognition to a school, organization, or company that has met certain established qualifications or standards determined through initial and periodic evaluations.  ISO 9000 is a form of accreditation.

Epicomm Sustainability Accreditation is awarded to companies that meet a set of criteria designed to identify companies whose practices and procedures in managing resources to promote environmental sustainability qualify them as “Epicomm Sustainability Accredited” companies.  Accreditation is open to all companies that provide mailing and fulfillment services.  A company does not have to be a member of Epicomm.

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Sustainability Accreditation Appliaction

Epicomm Member Non-Member
Initial Accreditation $486 $786
Yearly Review $95 $395


Based on individual auditor fee structure, but Epicomm estimates these costs to be between $100 – $300.  These fees will be paid directly by the applicant company to the approved auditor.