Marketing Support Services, Inc.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Founded: 1987
Principal: Greg Fischer, President
Facility: 90,000 sq. feet
Dock Doors: 9 ft. truck-high, 14 ft. Drive-in
Storage Capacity: 1836 pallet positions
Industry Experience: Consumer products, medical devices, manufacturing

  • Fulfillment – Literature, Product, Promotional Product, E-Commerce
  • Database Management
  • Printing Mailing Services
  • Variable Print Color
  • Variable Print Web Design & Hosting


Location: Hudson, Wisconsin
Founded: 1957
Principal: Eric and Veronica Strand
Facility: 78,000 square feet
Dock Doors: 7
Storage Capacity: Dry 3,000 pallets
Industry Experience: Clients have included: Nestle USA, Kraft North America, Nabisco, DOle, Chiquita, Kerry, International Paper-Food Service, ventura Foods, Paramount farms, Jennie-O Turkey Store, Iceland USA, Norlake, 3M and many more.

  • Strategic planning and tactical application of lead generation
  • Graphic & web design
  • Printing
  • Finishing & assembly
  • Mailing services
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment services
  • Teleservice
  • Promotional products
  • POS merchandising.

Special Capabilities:

  • Frozen/refrigerated food
  • e-Commerce & sample fulfillment
  • Strategic input supporting food manufacturers’ go-to-market plans.


Sisk Fulfillment
Location: Federalsburg, Maryland
Founded: 1985
Principal: Michael Ann Phillips
Facility: 108,000 sq. ft.
Dock Doors: 6 truck-high
Storage Capacity: 7,000 ft.
Industry Experience: Membership and Subscription

  • Fulfillment Literature
  • Promotional Fulfillment
  • Product Fulfillment
  • Catalog Fulfillment
  • Printing Mailing Services
  • Digital/Variable Print Color
  • Digital/Variable Print
  • Contract Packaging
  • Custom Kit Assembly
  • Design Client Shopping Cart Linked to their Website

Universal Wilde Inc.
Location: 26 Dartmouth Street, Westwood, Massachusetts
Founded: Graphic Services founded in 1998; after making several strategic acquisitions, the company became Universal Wilde in 2011
Principal: Patrick Romich, CEO
Facility: 5 locations over 1/2 million square feet
Industry Experience: Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, High-end Commercial, Retail, Education, Publishing

  • Fulfillment – Literature, Food, Product, E-Commerce, Promotional Products
  • Custom Kitting, Kit on the Fly and Dynamic Book Build all integrated w/Store Front
  • Variable 1 – 4 Color Cut Sheet and Roll Laser
  • Variable bindery (Inline and Near Line) – Saddle Stitch, Square Stitch, Dynamic Perfing
  • Complex Data Driven Design
  • Database Development and Management
  • Mailing Services
  • Automated Content Preflight
  • 10 Color Sheet Fed Offset Printing
  • 8 Color Web Offset Printing
  • Award Winning Direct Marketing Agency – Wilde Agency

Special Capabilities:

  • Variable Card Manufacture
  • Match Affix Technolgy
  • IR Read and Print
  • Full Service IMB
  • Cover Match Binding
  • Sheet Integrity in Book Build
  • Cold Cure
  • Polybagging
  • Shrink Wrapping


Why select an Epicomm Sustainability Accredited company?

These companies have made signficant investments in becoming recognized as “Green.” Not just a fad or trend but an entire philosophy and approach to how to run a clean and sustainable operation.