There has been considerable mailing industry opposition to the Postal Service’s July 6 “exigent” rate filing. That opposition was expressed in a motion filed July 26th by the Affordable Mail Alliance asking the Postal Regulatory Commission to dismiss the USPS filing for its failure to meet the legal criteria for “exigency.” A copy of the motion is online .


The Alliance is a broad based industry coalition of 56 associations (including Epicomm) and over 660 individual mailing companies, publishers, and suppliers. Though no-one doubts the Postal Service’s financial challenges, the Alliance disputes that its condition rises to the level of “extraordinary or exceptional circumstances” that the law requires in order to justify a rate proposal that exceeds the CPI cap. The Alliance also disagrees that the agency’s condition exists “despite the best practices of honest, efficient and economical management,” and that it failed to take adequate steps to control costs during the current declines in mail volume and revenue.

The Alliance’s position is not unique. In a letter to the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, another industry group seeking a comprehensive remedy to the Postal Service’s problems, Senator Susan Collins (ME) expressed her strong disagreement with the Postal Service’s “exigent” filing. As the principal author of the 2006 postal reform law, Senator Collins speaks with first-hand knowledge when she states that the agency’s use of “exigency” is inappropriate in this case. A copy of her letter is attached also.

More information about the rate filing and subsequent developments is the lead story published in Postal Points.