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By Epicomm
In July 17, 2013

G7 Master Printer Qualification, Offered by Konica Minolta

Our industry is in a state of transition; everyday it seems as if there is new technology and knowledge that we have to keep up with. Our partners at Konica Minolta have a solution that will provide you with outstanding training and give you a way to separate your business from the competition.

Take advantage of Konica Minolta’s G7 Master Printer Qualification Services and elevate your reputation as a quality-driven business. This program offers IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer certification programs, delivered by Konica Minolta’s team of G7 Experts.

5-day, on-site training to qualify for G7 Master on Offset and Digital Products

  • Testing for the certification process is sent to RIT for verification.
  • You are trained to maintain G7 level of color production.
  • You can advertise to offer a “guaranteed color excellence.”

3.5-day, on-site training to qualify for G7 Master on Digital Products

  • Konica Minolta PRESS products only (C8000/C7000/C6000).
  • Konica Minolta validates your KM products and workflow for color excellence.

1-day, on-site G7 training

  • You are provided G7 methodology and instruction.

The Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C8000 has received its Digital Press Certification, a program that verifies a digital production press’s ability to meet print specifications based on internationally recognized ISO standards. The Digital Press Certification program validates that systems can consistently meet the production requirements of IDEAlliance’s GRACoL® color reproduction specifications and considers the digital front-end, print engines and paper. The only Konica Minolta representatives certified to provide these services are G7 Experts.

For more information, download the Konica Minolta G7 Services Brochure

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