KenGarner_newChief Operating Officer of Epicomm, a leading graphic communications industry trade association, Ken Garner formerly served as President of a large mid-Atlantic printing company and as Chief Executive Officer of the nation’s best-known mailing services trade association. He offers experience-based presentations to C-level and management-level audiences on business management, leadership, business transformation, and strategic planning.



Current Presentation Topics:

  • “Danger Ahead! What You Don’t Know About ‘S-Curves’ and ‘Stall Points’ Could Derail Your Business.”
  • “Improving Your Competitive Position: Rethinking Your Business Model.”
  • “Planning to Become a Marketing Service Provider.”
  • “Strategic Planning in Today’s Graphic Communications Industry.”
  • Plus a variety of topics related to the United States Postal Service and current postal legislation.

Audiences best suited for Ken’s presentations:

  • Senior Level Business Management and Leadership Teams
  • Printing, Mailing, and Fulfillment Operations Management
  • Company Executives considering diversifying with mailing, fulfillment, or marketing services.
  • General Industry audiences


Currently Chief Operating Officer of Epicomm a not-for-profit business management association representing more than 1,200 progressive companies in the graphic communications industry, Ken previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Marketing Service Providers, formerly the Mailing  & Fulfillment Service Association (MFSA), and has testified at a Congressional hearing on behalf of the industry.

During a 33-year career in the printing industry, Ken was previously President of United LItho, a Virginia-based heatset web magazine printing company, where he held a variety of positions, including Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has expertise in package design as well as printing plant and mail house operations management, and has also been a million-dollar print salesperson.

Ken is a member of the Executive Committee of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service and sits on a number of industry boards.  He has an extensive background as a volunteer leader in the industry, previously serving as Chairman of the Board of the National Association for Printing Leadership, the Graphic Arts Education & Research Foundation, Printing Industries of America’s Executive Development Program, and the Environmental Conservation Board. A member of the Walter E. Soderstrom Society, he received the graphic communications industry’s most prestigious honor, the Soderstrom Award, in 2002. Ken holds a B.A. degree from Randolph-Macon College.

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Ken has spoken to senior level business management and leadership teams in many industry venues, including presentations at Graph Expo, The Print Show, dScoop, and AMSP conferences and local chapter meetings.  He has authored numerous articles for a variety of trade publications and has been a featured guest on Fox News.


  • “Your experience in running a successful business shines through in the presentation.” [Small businesses] “can benefit from some real how-to sessions like you gave yesterday….It was an excellent reminder to mind the basics while you try to reinvent. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the presentation.”

                ― Dave Lewis, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ProList, Inc., Gaithersburg, Md.

  • “Clear explanation of  S curves and stall. Very interesting and great contact.”
  • “Valuable insights.”
  • “It was cathartic. For the first time I understand the key reason we struggle from day one to be successful.”
  • “Identifying key indicators of trouble ahead and steps to overcome.”
  • “Knowledgeable presenter.” “Well prepared and well spoken.”

                ― Questionnaire responses from various attendees at Ken’s “Danger Ahead” seminar.

To book Ken to speak at your next event please contact:

Jenifer Root

Leslie Karhoff