Mike_PhilieEpicomm Senior Vice President, Mike has more than 28 years of graphic communications experience in sales, sales management, and executive leadership, including serving as President of a commercial printing company and as a Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager.

His no-nonsense presentations offer tools for strategic sales growth through both organic sales and mergers and acquisitions, and cover the full range of sales-related disciplines, from sales leadership optimization and sales plan development to sales compensation and post-merger sales staff integration.


Current Presentation Topics:

  • High-Performance Business Development
  • Build Your Sales Dream Team
  • Becoming a Top-Performing Company
  • Planning Effective Sales Meetings
  • So Now You’re the Sales Manager…
  • The Selling Owner
  • Sales and CSR Compensation: Issues and Answers
  • Strategic Sales Growth
  • Selling on Purpose
  • Your Growth Strategy―A Self-Reflection
  • Managing the Business When You Are the Business
  • Consultative Selling
  • Give Them a Reason to Say Yes
  • Post-Merger Integration: Milestones and Missteps
  • Transition from Ownership
  • Is Your Sales Compensation Plan Working?
  • Profitable Sales Growth in a Changing Dynamic Marketplace

Audiences best suited for Mike’s presentations:

  • Executive Management Teams
  • Sales Management
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Teams


Mike is a Senior Vice President and leads the Business Advisory Group of Epicomm a not-for-profit business management association representing more than 1,200 progressive companies in the graphic communications industry.  He works with business owners, senior leadership, sales managers, and sales representatives who are not satisfied with the status quo and are looking for guidance in altering the trajectory of their results. He also leads interdisciplinary teams through the transition necessary for profitable growth within a changing, dynamic marketplace, and provides senior management with insights on merger and acquisition strategies impacting sales, profitability, and successful cultural integration. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Printing Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Mike is a regular speaker and seminar leader at numerous industry conferences and trade shows. He has served on the faculty of Epicomms Management Institute and NexGen Leaders™ Group management leadership development programs, as well as the association’s CEO Roundtable for top industry executives.

As a former printing company President and senior-level sales executive, Mike combines personal front-line experience with insight garnered from dozens of industry clients to infuse his presentations with timely, real-world examples and proven, results-driving advice.


  • Thank you for your involvement and speaking into our company this year – from the strategic planning meeting early in the year, to walking through a transition plan, to the CEO Roundtable meetings, to NexGen and working with Jesse and Len on future planning. This has been a major stepping forward year this year for us and you played a significant role in that – thank you.

-Dale Park, President, Action Graphics Inc.

  • “Mike can revolutionize your sales team. His system takes you from vision to objectives to concrete strategic steps―it works with sales, with management in general; heck, it works with life itself! I recommend Mike highly, and would be happy to share more details with anybody who’s interested.”

―Bill Gilmer, Owner, Wordsprint, Inc

  • “Mike is a true professional who understand how to work with his clients to help them take their businesses to the next level.  He is very strategically focused and has great insight into how print companies can grow. I can recommend him without hesitation.”

―Rick Littrell, Marketing Strategist and Technologist

  • “Mike has been a fantastic resource for our company,”

―Cayce Gary, President, Mount Royal Printing Company

  • “Mike has a tremendous amount of experience with a wide range of printing industry businesses. His practical, no-nonsense approach is appreciated and over time has become a trusted sounding board.”

―Rick Schildgen, President, CL Graphics

  • “The insight Mike and his team at NAPL bring to my team is invaluable. As an owner, I am able to bounce ideas off Mike that allow me to make educated business decisions. While working with him, he has helped me run a more process-oriented company and raise my profits while lowering costs.”

                ― Tim Boucher, Owner, B Squared, Inc.

  • “Mike has a deep background in sales and printing, which he draws upon frequently. He is candid in his feedback and is willing to state how he feels even if his views might or might not be popular. Mike’s comments and thoughts have always been focused on improving our printing. He is not self-serving. He is not egotistical. He is honest and forthright and insightful, a rare combination. I would recommend him highly and would certainly work with him again.”

―Curt Tillotson, Management Executive

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Jenifer Root

Leslie Karhoff