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By Epicomm
In October 24, 2013


Since Curry Printing was established in 1981, we have grown into a five million dollar business and earned a reputation as a leader and innovator in the industry. We make an effort to stay current on technology and industry trends by regularly participating on industry boards and maintaining membership in trade groups, such as the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL). We also pursued and received ISO 9000 certification, which raised the performance bar in our industry.

Eliminated difficult and time consuming paper survey process

In an effort to improve our performance, as well as to meet the requirements of our ISO certification, we had been surveying our customers using paper surveys, and while the feedback was valuable, the process was time-consuming, and the results were difficult to analyze. Looking for a better way to survey, we went to Survey Advantage, who was recently endorsed by the NAPL as its surveying partner.

Tailored survey to our business

Survey Advantage already knew a great deal about the printing industry and combined that knowledge with what they learned about Curry to create a survey that was tailored to our business. They did all of the work, which made it easy on us, and the results were exceptional. We had a 35% participation rate, compared to 20% with our paper surveys, and customers were very pleased with the process.

Easy to analyze results and feedback

The survey results compiled quickly and were easy to analyze, with numerical data as well as individual customer comments categorized by topic. Feedback was positive in many areas, with customers giving us high marks for quality, knowledge, responsiveness, and flexibility, and we rated favorably with the industry benchmarks that Survey Advantage provided. Customers also made many positive comments that we will use in our marketing materials.

Uncovered areas for improvement and new growth

Among other things, we learned that only 10% of our customers are interested in marketing consulting and Web design, which allowed us to back-burner this issue with confidence. The feedback also pointed to several areas where we need to improve, such as our online set-up for new accounts, order processing, and order tracking. That feedback served to quantify some of our weaknesses and prioritize issues for us.
Through the survey, we also learned of several major opportunities. More than 75% of our customers said that they would welcome online communication. We don’t do any e-marketing or electronic communication now – we use paper and the phone – so that is a significant opportunity for us. Customers also told us that they were unaware of some of the products we offer, while others wanted to talk to us about our other services. These are all opportunities for incremental business.

Allowed us to make confident decisions based on results

Survey Advantage not only streamlined our customer feedback process; they have opened several interesting avenues for us. On the first level, having solid data helps us make decisions based on facts and ensures we were focusing on the right issues internally. In addition, we are planning to share our Survey Advantage experience with our performance group, which meets regularly to discuss business growth strategies, and this feedback data will provide a very interesting basis for discussions on how to improve performance across the industry. We have also begun working with Printer’s Plus, our printing software vendor, toward a real-time surveying capability that can be integrated with certain types of transactions. All of these efforts are exciting new ways that support our philosophy (and that of ISO) of serving our customers well and responding quickly to their changing needs, while bringing valuable growth tools to our industry.”

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