Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

By John Foley Jr.
In March 23, 2015

An automated marketing campaign is your chance to feed your customers and prospects the information you want them to receive about your business, when you want them to have it. A well-planned and executed automated campaign is a powerful tool for your printing company, as it gets your message out while saving you time and manpower. But what’s the one thing that is key to a successful automated marketing campaign?


The content is the engine that drives your drip campaign vehicle. If the content isn’t great, the vehicle won’t run and you won’t get where you want to be. So just how do you create fantastic content that will make your business stand out?

Make it Useful

When you send out your emails, make sure they’re worth reading. Emails that do not provide any useful or relevant content are likely to get marked as spam. Focus on creating well written content that offers value to the recipient, such as how they can make their print materials and designs stand out among the competition. Your content should answer a question, solve a problem, or entertain the recipient, and should make it clear how your company benefits them.

Build Trust

One of the beauties of a marketing campaign is its ability to build trust between you and your customers or prospects. The old adage is true – people don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people. Use structured marketing campaigns to build your company’s personality and make a personal connection with helpful advice and information that establishes you as caring, reliable, and trustworthy. While you want to sell your printing company and get businesses to utilize your services, first, you need to establish trust and your audience needs to know that you’ll put the extra effort in to make them successful.

Use Segmentation

Using segmentation means that you tailor the information your audience sees depending on what stage of the funnel they are at. For example, a new customer might receive a follow up email to make sure they are happy with the service they’ve received. Someone who has been a loyal customer for many years might receive an email offering a special bonus when they utilize your printing services again.

If you want to encourage prospects to use your business and existing customers to stay, make sure you offer them timely information that provides value and builds a trusting relationship with your company. Make sure the content of your email campaign is relevant to each recipient and tailored to their specific needs. Each stage of your marketing campaigns should play an important part in nurturing the reader towards the action you would like them to take. Keep your focus on good quality and you’ll be heading in the right direction – as will your customers.

John Foley Jr.

John Foley, Jr. is the CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially. John and his team consult with Epicomm members on transforming their businesses, write strategic online marketing plans to get these companies on a path to online and social success, and provide marketing and fulfillment software solutions, including a unique customer communications management software. interlinkONE’s unique software monitors marketing collateral and fulfillment, both physical and electronic, that allows companies and their clients to interact in a true multitenant application. Learn more about John, his companies, and software solutions at,, and

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