When is the Best Time to Sell My Business?

By Tom Cobery
In June 14, 2013

I do not think that anyone can definitively answer that question for you. Only you can answer it. Listed below are  some of the factors that you might want to consider to get to that answer:

  • Do we have family members that want, or we would want to step in and be the next generation to grow and prosper with the business?
  • If we have partners, are they all on the same song sheet as I am? Do we have a Buy/Sell Agreement, if not, should we?
  • How would the sale of the business affect our employees? Can I find a suitor that wants to grow with the team that I have built? Am I willing to sell for the highest dollar, no matter what the affect will be on the employees?
  • Do I want to continue working for the new company after the sale and for how long? Will I be able to work directly for someone and not have the final say in decision making?
  • Do I still have the fire in my belly to grow the business?
  • Are the financials at a stage where we will receive an amount that meets my financial needs?
  • What are the risks associated with continuing to grow the business and improve profitability?


Just some thoughts to ponder. You might want to consult a Business Advisor who has had experience in these matters. If you want to chat, give me a call at 201-523-6326 or e-mail me at tcobery@napl.org.

Tom Cobery

Dealing with the day-to-day needs of running a busy printing operation often leaves company leaders little time to plan for the future of their enterprises on their own. Tom works with chief executive officers and senior management executives in the Tag and Label Industry to develop growth opportunities through strategic transactions, new markets, or new service opportunities. Available for consulting on individual projects, he can also be engaged to serve as an Advisory Partner, helping executives guide their company into the future, serving as an impartial sounding board for ideas, and working with them to set the right course for continued growth and greater profitability. Tom’s personal experience as a Tag and Label Industry company president and chief executive officer, plus his extensive networking with other industry executives through his volunteer leadership activities with the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) give him a unique perspective on the tough issues today’s company leaders face in this specialized segment. Companies engaging Tom will find his insight and independent advice an invaluable asset in helping them achieve their growth and profitability goals. More than a consultant, Tom Cobery wants to be your trusted Advisory Partner.

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