Who Buys Signage?

By Mitch Evans
In July 26, 2014

My last blog talked about what happening in the marketplace and why you may want to diversify into signage products and services.
In this blog, I want to tell you who’s buying signage? The good news is that the categories who I list who buy may be among your current clients who buy print.
Every business needs a sign or two but here are the best types of businesses to market your new sign services to:
1) Contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, landscapers, HVAC, hardscapers, kitchens, tile/granite etc.
2) Construction Companies
3) Commercial Realtors
4) Residential Real Estate
5) Property Management Companies
6) Property or Home Owner Associations
7) Land Developers
8) Shopping Center Owners or Managers
9) Non-profits
10) Events Companies
11) Churches, Synagogues and places where people congregate regularly
12) Schools
13) Town & County Governments
14) Service companies that have vehicles on the road
15) Professionals – doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers etc.
16) Bus, taxi and limousine companies
17) Self-storage companies
18) Golf Courses
19) Country Clubs
20) Resorts & Hotels
21) Banks & Financial Institutions
22) Franchisors
23) Sports Teams, ballparks and arenas
24) Printing Companies
25) Graphic Designers
26) Print Brokers
27) Advertising Companies
28) Marketing/Branding Companies
29) Other sign companies that don’t do digital printing or large format printing
30) Retail Stores – especially ones that have multiple locations
31) Restaurants
32) Automobile Dealerships
You should go through your current customer list and mark off ones that fit into one of these business categories. Use that as your initial mailing, telemarketing, sales or prospecting list for selling signage.

Mitch Evans

Graduate of Lehigh University with M.S. in Management Science. Began career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in NYC. Owned Print Tech in NJ for over 23 years - grew to $8mm printing company with 6 locations. Sold Print Tech and started print consulting in 2002. Specializes in M&A, strategic planning, sales & marketing strategies, digital printing, expanding into signage, executive coaching and peer group faciilation.

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